Reasons to be Inspired

So the summer is drawing to a close and we have had a lot to shout about in this country in terms of sporting success. The Olympics and Wimbledon have all seen encouraging British successes.

The US Open is about to conclude this evening and it wasn’t Andy leading the way this time. Brother Jamie won the men’s doubles, Dan Evans had match point on world number 3 Stan Wawrinka while Kyle Edmund beat American no.1 John Isner and Frenchman Richard Gasquet. Jo Konta on the women’s side also continued to put her stamp on the WTA tour.

Throughout the summer I have been on the road with our players touring the regional grade 3 & 4 circuit of tournaments and I must say I have learned a lot about how players perform and perceive themselves at that level. Firstly I would like to congratulate all of our players for putting themselves into the ring each day and giving their best effort during every match they played.

What shocked me most this summer is the lack of positivity that was around at all of these tournaments. This can be summed up best by the phrase I heard countless times on a daily basis, “I’m so bad”. It frustrated me every time I heard it and from the very first week of the summer I stamped down on that type of behaviour and challenged every player to come through these difficult match emotions positivity and behave in a manner that will grow them as players and people.


I feel at the moment in British sport there is so much to be inspired by and not just in tennis. So let’s go through just some of the moments this summer that British athletes have managed to achieve on a international level.

  • Andy Murray, well where do we start, Wimbledon champion, Olympic Gold Medallist, no.2 in the world and that’s just in 2016
  • Team GB 2nd in the Olympics with a record medal tally for an away games
  • Wales reaching the semi-finals of the European Football Championship
  • Jamie Murray achieved the no.1 ranking in men’s doubles as well as taking home two grand slam titles in 2016
  • Chris Froome wining his 3rd tour de France crown
  • Danny Willet wining the US Master Golf title
  • Davis Cup winners in 2015 and semi finalists so far in 2016
  • Heather Watson winning the mixed doubles at Wimbledon
  • Joanna Konta no. 13 in the world in women’s singles rankings

These are just the main stories and in each section I’m sure you could find more people that have inspiring stories. This success should be inspiring every single sports person in this country to succeed and dream that they could join this list. Now I can only really speak for tennis, but this doesn’t seem to have rubbed off on us …… yet, and the phase “I’m so bad” really sums it all up. Every person that I see saying or expressing this type of emotion on a tennis court looks to have lost the inspiration that they once had to play. When everyone first started to play their first sport it was others that inspired them, when your trying to become great at something it’s so important to keep that motivation in your mind as long as possible as this breeds determination, hard work and perseverance. Then you start to win and succeed!


1. Positive self-talk; everyday remind yourself of the good things you have done and are doing. Praise yourself 3 times as much as you get down on yourself.

2. Research British sporting success; use these successes to realise that you also can achieve these results as well over time with hard work.

3. Motivation and Commitment; sometimes motivation is hard to maintain day in day out, but remain committed to your long term goals.


There is so much to be inspired by in our sporting success this summer and we should be inspired to greatness by it, never held back by it, determined to succeed by it, never made to feel bad by it. No longer do British athletes need to feel that they cannot achieve great things and can only be second best. Now its our time to shine!

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