Nick completes 12 hour Marathon for SMA!

Big Congratulations on a huge effort from BETA Head Academy Coach, Nick Brooks for completing a 12 hour charity marathon in the aid of SMA! Nick shares his highlights of the day below. Don’t forgot you can still donate to this very worthy cause.

And breathe…Finally I can sit down after 12 hours of playing. It feels so good to have completed the event and so good to sit down. Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who contributed in every way from donations, taking part on the day to many words of inspiration from everybody. Every little bit helped. I am so pleased to say we, together, have so far raised a great total of £1800 which is beyond amazing! But we can definitely get to the £2000 still…….

Hearing my alarm go off at 4:45am to get up, ready, fuel and get in to the club for 5:45am was a bright and early start for a Sunday – I’m sure the only other acceptable time to do that would be to get to the airport! Thank you very much to the other great members who braved the early start in joining me on court at 6am. The day progressed very well, and surprisingly quickly as the doubles teams came and went throughout the morning. It was the great to see the Berkhamsted Club Open day in full swing by midday with lots of fun activities for adults and kids with the music from cardio tennis blaring away.

Completing the tennis marathon is very similar to that of actually running the London marathon of 26.1 miles. The beginning bit is the easy where you have no physical worries due to the training you have undertaken, the 40-80% completion section, (the wall) was surprisingly easy as the club was buzzing with atmosphere with the Open Day in full flow between the hours of 11-3pm. Finally the home straight of a few hours is a great feeling where, not only have you completed the majority of hours but you also start taking in the occasion a little more with all the money that has been raised by very generous members.

I would be lying if I said my reactions, speed of movement towards the end were as quick as they usually are and having been continually told that I looked quite dazed and spaced out. I slowly came around and took the emotion in as many members stayed behind afterwards to see me through to the end and applauded as I came off court – thank you!

It has been once again, an unbelievable experience to take part in an amazing challenge. Of course, it would not have been possible without the support of all family, friends and members who kindly donated and or played with me on the day so thank you and until next time… maybe 18 hours….?

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