College Diaries 2015 part 5

Time really does fly, it really did feel like yesterday that I packed my bags and headed to Alabama for my freshman year of University. I am now in my senior year with 1 year of tennis left to play. Being one of the few senior players on the team, it is time to step up and take ownership of the lower class men on the team. You would be surprised at the amount of excuses and shortcuts some people will take just to get off a single practice, or do a few less reps in the gym. This is where we as the seniors need to act as a second pair of eyes for the coaching staff and ensure everyone is taking care of business. At the end of the day college tennis is a team sport, unlike the professional game each players actions impact the team and not just the individual.

My year is a little different in terms of my schedule, I applied for a job to intern with the Strength and Conditioning program. Fortunately, with a little inside help I managed to get the job. (I guess busting my guts in the gym paid off) It has been a good experience for me so far. I am shadowing a former NFL player, so I am learning some new tips each day which will definitely help me in the future. It is had a great insight to be able to see how each different team applies themselves in the weight room, and it is safe to say there is a reason why some unnamed teams are NOT Conference Champs…

It was a great season for us last year, we managed to win the University’s first conference championship. It was an unbelievable feeling winning that title, definitely unlike anything I have experienced in my tennis career so far. As this is my last year on the team, there is no doubt in my mind that I want to repeat the success we had last year. Who knows maybe we can cause an upset in the National Championship….

There’s not a lot to talk about in terms of tennis so far, our season does not begin until January so we are using this time to get prepared for the grueling season we have ahead. I must admit I enjoy the “ off season” it gives me time to put extra work in the gym, get ahead of my school work and relax a little. I believe we have an individual tournament coming up next month which will be good for everyone to get some matches in before spring. It will be my first competitive tennis since undergoing knee surgery at the end of last season (which I am recovering very well from by the way). I will make sure to keep everyone updated when we finally get into the competitive stuff.

Well done to everyone who competed over the summer, keep working hard!!!

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