College Diaries 2015 part 2

It has been a great week here in Alabama, the weather has reached high 20s, its spring break, and last but by no means least the ASU men’s tennis team have put together a pair of victories… yep that’s right two wins in a row. It’s been a tough season thus far and I believe we have only had two wins in a row on one other occasion this season. Unfortunately, I have not been able to take part in much on court activity due to nursing a knee injury for the best part of 3 months. Fortunately, I have finally been given a diagnosis (plica syndrome) I am know doing anything and everything I can to get back into singles action before the final championship in April. For the meantime I’m playing my part as a dubs specialist – a position the former BETA Head Academy Coach Brad Crosher knows all too well, isn’t that right Brad??… Anyway after today’s performance I bring my streak up to 4 in a row on the doubles court with man mountain Mataba! But Ronald, I don’t know how much more my back can take, you’re a heavy boy!!! For the love of God, make a return!!!

After today’s victory, the boys have the day off to prepare for our trip to Houston for the 2nd Conference round up of the year. I say boys, as I will be up at 5.30am to drive to Birmingham…… Alabama that is to get a cortisone shot in my knee to hopefully reduce the pain for a few days. It will be a big trip for us as this round up will determine the seeding’s for the final championships. I believe we currently sit in 3rd place, ideally we would like to receive a top 2 seeding to ensure we receive a bye in the first round. After a good couple of victories during the past few days, confidence is high in the camp and the boys are definitely excited for the 12 hour trek down to Houston. wins have been few and far between lately It would be rude not to talk a little about today’s match.

We were up against very talented Alabama Huntsville side who got the better of us 4-3 last year, so we knew it was going to be a tough match from the get go. With some iffy weather in the Montgomery area play was halted early on into doubles play. If anything this short delay played into our hands as we were able to carry the momentum from before the delay and capture the doubles point early on. Ronald and I were on and off in a flash winning by a 6-0 score line, quickly following suit was our number 2 pair who were victorious by 6 games to 1.

Going in to singles play were up 1-0, but the tie was by no means over. With a strong performance from UAH number 1 player the scores were quickly tied at 1-1. However, with some really solid showings from our top line, 2 through 4, we were able to comfortably clinch the match at 4-1.

Overall, it has been a positive few weeks from the team. Hopefully, we can carry this momentum into conference play this weekend and really set out a marker as the top dogs before going into the final championship.

I hope everyone back in Berko is working hard and hope to hear of some good results in the next couple of months. I would just like to give a little shout out to the aforementioned Brad Crosher, congratulations on turning 40 the other day….. Stay tuned and Go Hornets!!

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