Tennis training

At the Berkhamsted Elite Tennis Academy, our aim is to develop tennis players with solid technical foundations and efficient movement and footwork patterns, allowing them to be able to execute a multitude of strategies and tactics when on the court.

We focus our technical and tactical training on these three match situations:

  • Serving
  • Returning
  • Open Play

As well as these three match situations, we teach our players the most up to date techniques of how to execute each of the shots they will need in order to be complete players. This includes everything from modern grips, to extensive coordination development, to specific movement patterns.

As players progress their skills, they will be introduced to core strategies, tactics and patterns of play that can be used for their current game. Strategies can be as basic as ‘hit it in’ to more complex strategies such as ‘attack the opponent’s weakness with your strength’ or ‘hit your serve wide and then your forehand into the open court’.

To develop all these areas, we expect nothing less than 100% effort and full dedication from our players and you can expect the same from our coaches. With this effort over time, our players will achieve continuous improvement and begin to realise and fulfill their potential!

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