Psychological training

At the Berkhamsted Elite Tennis Academy we use MINDSET; an all-encompassing psychological programme named after the famous book by Psychology Professor, Carol Dweck. We aim to instil a growth MINDSET into our players so they believe that all skills – physical, mental or emotional – can be developed over time with hard work, persistence and mentorship.

The three principals of the BETA growth MINDSET are:

  • LEARN at all times and at all costs
  • EFFORT activates ability
  • EMBRACE SETBACKS as normal occurrences when taking on challenges

In our MINDSET sessions players will:

  • Set goals and evaluate their progress
  • Discuss strategies and tactics and how to set game plans
  • Work on in between point routines to keep themselves in the moment during match play
  • Learn off court habits; discipline, dedication and determination
  • Understand how to manage expectations and build confidence
  • Watch pro tennis matches and learn tactics, technique and decision making from top players
  • Continually challenge themselves to improve

A tennis player’s development is a long journey with lots of road blocks and failures.  But by keeping mindful of the process, our players continue to move forward.

Our MINDSET sessions also include guest speakers. Over the year we will have top 100 ATP/WTA players, sports psychologists and other knowledgeable guests speaking on a whole range of topics.

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