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At the Berkhamsted Elite Tennis Academy, enhanced mobility and recovery are the primary focus of our physical training. We use the TACFIT system to keep our athletes in great physical condition, so they are always match fit and ready to play.

Dan White, our fitness coach and TACFIT field instructor implements the TACFIT method into our physical training sessions. The method allows for continual readiness because instead of being based upon increasing power output like many other training systems, TACFIT aims to reduce the time needed between training, recovery and growth. Conventional strength and conditioning programmes employ a periodisation programme with phases building up to peak performance. In tennis, especially in the developmental years, it can be very challenging to get these peaking times correct as matches can come at any time and that is hard to plan for. Being continually ready to perform physically gives our athletes the edge over other players.

TACFIT uses a combination of joint mobility, compensatory yoga, strength practice, metabolic conditioning and most importantly recovery techniques, carried out in a 4 DAY WAVE, which is repeated throughout training and can comfortably evolve depending upon tournament schedules and results.


Day 1 – No Intensity; mobility, light stretching, foam rolling, walking, swimming

Day 2 – Low Intensity; yoga, pilates, core, jogging, cycling

Day 3 – Moderate Intensity; climbing, running, moderately hard circuits, SAQ

Day 4 – High Intensity; sprinting, hills runs, very hard circuits, high intensity weight training

The TACFIT exercises are six dimensional, incorporating all the aspects of movement: forward & backward, left & right, up & down, twisting, bending forward & back and bending side to side. The training programmes begin with “basic” movements that carry through all the ranges of motion. Then progresses to “compound” movements, which combine two skills. And finally “complex” movements which combine three or more skills.

When combining TACFIT training with our on court technical skill development, we are able to produce tennis players with solid mechanics on all their strokes, as well as efficient and repeatable movement and footwork patterns. Athletes with these skills will then have the ability to execute a multitude of strategies and tactics.

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