Our philosophy

At Berkhamsted Elite Tennis Academy we offer training in every area: tennis, physical and psychological, to enable our players to have the head, heart and legs to succeed. We also provide academic tuition and support to enable a more flexible approach to academic education which can be balanced alongside tennis training. We expect nothing less than 100% effort and full dedication from both our players and our coaches. With the discipline, work ethic and strong principles gained through our training programmes, each individual will be put in the best position to realise and accomplish their potential!

Training method


At BETA our aim is to develop tennis players with solid technical foundations and efficient movement and footwork patterns, allowing them to be able to execute a multitude of strategies and tactics when on the court. Learn more


At BETA, recovery is the primary focus of our training. We use the TACFIT system to keep our athletes in great physical condition, so they are always match fit and ready to play. Learn more


We aim to instil a growth MINDSET into our players that all skills whether they are physical, mental or emotional can be learned over time with hard work, persistence and mentorship. Learn more


We provide the option for a more flexible approach to fulfilling a player’s educational requirements via Interhigh School, a virtual learning environment which is fully supported onsite by local tutor Linda Ellis. Learn more

Our team

Tyrell Diaz Stevens
Tennis Director
Tyrell Diaz Stevens

Tyrell reached a career high ranking of #915 ATP and still currently coaches on the ATP tour. The experience gained throughout his playing and coaching career has enabled him to develop a unique coaching style which is well-suited to developing the modern tennis player.

Steve Dunklin
Head Performance Coach
Steve Dunklin

Steve brings an abundance of experience to our team having worked at numerous IHPC’s, HPC’s and Performance Centres throughout the UK. He has developed players at every level of the game from mini-tennis through to world-ranked junior and senior players.

Nick Brooks
Head Academy Coach
Nick Brooks

As a junior, Nick competed on the Tennis Europe circuit and played against players inside the top 150 ATP, including current Davis Cup players. Nick strives to help his players reach their highest potential, by ensuring they have the motivation to work hard and succeed.

Craig Blythe
Academy Coach
Craig Blythe

Craig joined BETA in 2014 and started working with BETA academy players on an individual and squad basis. His passion for tennis is infectious and he constantly researches the current trends so he can keep his players at the top of their game.

Alex Butel
Manual Therapist
Alex Butel

Alex has an extensive background in treating and rehabilitating sports injuries. He has a keen eye for movement and bio-mechanics, incorporating this knowledge to help develop strategies to prevent and overcome injuries and improve performance.

Dan White
Fitness Coach
Dan White

Dan has over fourteen years experience working with professional athletes. He uses his knowledge and experience to help them restore functional movement as well as developing optimal movement, thus allowing them to perform at the highest level consistently.

Sport and life global services

Barcelona partner academy

Sport & Life Global Services stands to promote and vindicate in individual level and therefore in society, values such as effort, self-discipline, goal setting, teamwork, assimilation of success and time management. Always using sport as a vehicle to enhancing them. Sport & Life base at Club de Tennis Barcelona -Teia, is run by former ATP top 50 player and David Cup Champion Juan Balcells and ATP Coach David Olles.

Interhigh school & linda ellis

Academic tuition & educational support

Established in 2005, InterHigh is a complete online Secondary School and Sixth Form College for both UK and International students. The entire online curriculum is taught by experienced staff and supported on site at Berkhamsted Elite Tennis Academy by local tutor Linda Ellis.

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