3 Turkey Burner Tennis Drills

The 2017 season is upon us and some of you out there may be looking to get back on the court and get some serious training done to burn off that Christmas dinner. The pros have been spending the holiday weeks preparing for the Aussie open doing more off court training along side many hitting drills to keep them in shape. In this article I will share with you some Christmas dinner burning cardio drills when you are hitting on the tennis court with your mates. These are all singles based drills but with some creativity can be adapted to doubles, I will add the one doubles idea to each drill. See if you can come up with your own variations.

Cross Courts

A very simple but effective drill to get back into the swing of things is cooperative consistency drill hitting cross court forehands or backhands to each other to build consistency. Players then switch sides after every 2 minutes. To bring a competitive element into the drill you can add a scoring system. There are loads of different ways to score this but a simple and fun way is hit say 6 shots cross court then play the point out full court.

Doubles Variation: A good variation of this drill is to put it into a doubles set up by having two balls going at the same time on opposite cross courts. When one rally is finished the remaining rally continues but turns into a doubles point where all four players then play out the point. To make it competitive play points where a point is awarded when one team wins both the singles cross court rally and the doubles point.

Court Control

This is a very popular drill on the pro tour and you may see myself doing this a lot with our BETA players as it really improves the players awareness of where to recover on a tennis court. This again is a cooperative drill where one player will stay in one half of the court and the other will have to cover the full singles court. The player in the corner can hit anywhere they want at any time and player covering the full court has to hit the ball back to one half the entire time. This can be really fun as the player in the corner can decide how much punishment to hand out to the player doing all the running, be careful though as when the roles reverse it will be pay back time!!!! A very simple way to score this is to go for 6 shots in a row for the player doing the running then play out the point full court for both players.

Doubles Variation: A good doubles variation for this drill is to set up in a Amercian 2 vs 1 doubles set up. The doubles team has one player at the net and the other at the baseline and the singles player is having to cover the whole singles court. If you have four players then the singles player will rotate off with their partner. To score play normal points with the doubles team serving and the singles team can work on their cross court return making sure to keep it away from that net poacher.

Depth game

Players rally down the middle of the court to each other with the intension of hitting the ball deep in the court. If a player hits the ball into the service box the point is live and players play full court. This is a good drill to promote attacking the short ball when it comes as this could happen at any point in a rally. This drill can be done in many different ways for example players could rally cross court and when the ball drops short the attacking player then opens up the court and plays that ball any where they want. To score this one players can be awarded two points if they finish off the point from a short ball. This will add an extra incentive to keep the ball deep in the court.

Doubles Variation: A good doubles game is to play the exact same way as above but with four players, the only rule is that when the ball lands in the service box the attacking team must both rush the net together putting the most amount of pressure on the opposing team. The scoring can be the same as above with two points awarded to the incoming team.

A good rule of thumb when doing these drills is to start with a nice easy underarm feed, but I also do highly recommend that you also feed with a medium to slow serve in order to create a match like scenario. After all matches will be the end result of all this practise and every point starts with a serve and return.

Now these are just some of the drills that we do at BETA and they can be modified in loads of different ways so don’t be afraid to be creative it would great to see what you guys can come up with. So get out on that practise court and start burning off that xmas dinner and don’t worry you’ll see me out there too.

Happy training readers.!!

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